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e-Family Forum - Features & Benefits

Your e-Family Forum membership enables you and your entire family to create your own web site. It's fun, useful, and easily shared. For about the same price as a magazine subscription, an e-Family Forum membership is one of the best gift values around.

Please scroll through this section to discover some of the terrific features and benefits a membership offers:

e-Family Forum - Features & Benefits - Create and Print Personalized Family Calendars

e-Family Forum - Features & Benefits - Printable Calendar


  • Enter unlimited birthdays, anniversaries, special events
  • Include 2 photos each month - change as often as you wish
  • Display your favorite holidays - choose from over 450!
  • Select from 10 designer background/color schemes
  • Render elements of your calendar in 1 of 13 languages
  • Show seasons, solar/lunar and other astronomical events


  • All the copies you or any of your family members want right from the Internet on a desktop printer
  • A 1-year e-Family Forum membership costs less than just 1 copy of a personal calendar from a national copy center chain with a limit of 7 personal entries

Next Year...

  • All you have to do is renew your membership and all of your personal entries and holidays are automatically updated!

e-Family Forum - Features & Benefits - Enjoy your Feature-Rich Online Family Calendar - 24/7/365!

Scroll down and take a look at some of the highlights of the Family Calendar.

e-Family Forum - Features & Benefits - Online Calendar

e-Family Forum - Features & Benefits - Create and Update an Unlimited Number of Family Album Pages

  • Family members who create their own family album page can personalize and customize most of their forum's display settings.
  • Share family history - from the earliest ancestors to the newest members.

Here's a sample of a personal Family Album page.
Each family member can create their own page and update it as often as they wish.

e-Family Forum - Features & Benefits - Family Album Pages

e-Family Forum - Features & Benefits - Additional Features & Benefits

  • e-Family Forum memberships are password protected.
  • You're in control. As the purchaser of the membership, you elect how much or how little editorial content you want to share with your family members.
  • Banner ads, pop-ups, pop-unders? - you won't find them here!
  • As the owner/editor of your e-Family Forum, you'll enjoy the warm feeling of sharing a valuable gift with your family. Your annual membership is only $2.99 USD per month, paid and renewed annually.

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